UPDATED: Murder Suspect Released From Custody


Story Update: Officials report Jon Luke Banjamine McGuff has since been arrested in connection to a shooting in Greencastle. The incident occurred Monday morning.

Officials report the victim was not killed in the shooting and is claiming that McGuff is the one who shot him.

The victim claims to have known McGuff from High School but that recently he had an altercation where McGuff kicked in his front door.


BRAZIL, Indiana (DLC Media) – A court-related error resulted in the release of Jon Luke Banjamine McGuff. This is part of the murder investigation of Billy Matherly who was killed on May 11th. At this time McGuff is the prime suspect in the murder.

Although the charges have not been dropped, a stipulation that does not allow a suspect to be held after 180 days of filed charges being drawn was activated. McGuff has yet to have his trial and therefore cannot be held.

In the case, McGuff has had two more misdemeanor charges added to the case about a handgun that was found to be in his,  possession. That charge would be upgraded to a felony because McGuff has a felony charge within the last 15 years and therefore he cannot possess a firearm.