Bill Would Allow Pregnanat Workers To Request Accommodations, But Employers Don’t Have To Accommodate

INDIANAPOLIS  — Indiana legislators have given final approval to a bill that won’t require businesses to make accommodations for pregnant workers, despite an appeal from Gov. Eric Holcomb for a law requiring more protections.

The proposal allows a pregnant employee to request accommodations and requires the employer to respond in a reasonable time frame, but it does not mandate managers to grant any of the requests.

Such steps, such as longer breaks or transfers to less physical work, are cast by supporters as ways of improving Indiana’s infant mortality rate.

But Republicans have sided with major business groups rather than the GOP governor on the issue.

The latest measure passed the House in February even though lawmakers wanted tougher regulations as a way of getting some protections for women into state law.

Senators voted 31-19 on the bill Tuesday, sending the measure Holcomb.